Ellie has a lot of passions and entrepreneurial spirit since she moved from Korea with her family when she was young.

Her child dream was an architect. She loved creative drawings, arts, and architecture. She was influenced and motivated by her father who was an architect and developer. She studied Architectural Building Engineering at BCIT. Shortly after her graduation, she started working at one of the biggest Design-Build companies in the Western Canada, Omicron, as an estimator. That is when she met and learned through engineers from various disciplines, architects, government/municipality officers, multiple retail entities, subcontractors, and developers. That is also when she started building her foundation of negotiating. Writing good contract in detail, having good relationships with people and happy negotiation were her three successful keys. She then decided to continue her studying, Construction Management, while continuing her career journey. She also volunteered for VANOC at the same time as a communication crew.

Once she finished her degree, she was thirsty for actual field experience. Not just from historical data, books, theories, documents, and occasional site visits for her $500K to $60M projects. So, she jumped onto different ship. She worked at one of top leading General Contractors (GC), Graham, and spent her 2.5years for Surrey Works Yard project in Surrey B.C from preconstruction to post construction. That is also when she met her love of life.

She did not stop. She was always interested in real estate and development. So, she decided to join this GC, which is a sister company of prominent & luxury developer in BC (Westbank), Icon West Construction. She loved all her endless possibilities from her projects and challenges from the unique designs. Her projects were CDN $50M to US $300M excluding land and soft costs. She pursued her Professional Quantity Surveyor title from Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyor. That is what PQS stands for after her name if you are wondering. She could not stop. She become a realtor since 2016 and is a full-time realtor now.

Her knowledge and experience in preconstruction and construction have been assisting her buyers and sellers. Not to mention her connections in various fields are one of the other assets working with Ellie. She loves golfing, swimming, travelling, hiking, and painting. With her enthusiastic personality and detail-oriented style will provide great & satisfying experience with your real estate needs.
Thank you very much for your time for visiting my website and reading all my quick bio.

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저희 웹 사이트를 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다.

엘리는 BCIT에서 Architectural Building Engineering을 졸업하고, Construction Management Degree를 졸업하였습니다. 현재도 CIQS에서 Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) 자격을 갖고있습니다.

그 이후로 2008년부터는 Omicron에서 Construction Estimator로 일을 하고,
Graham Construction 에서 Estimator & Project Coordinator로 일을 하다
Icon West (Westbank) 에서 Construction Estimator로 일을 했습니다. 캐나다 서부에서제일 유명한 Design Build 회사부터, 캐나다 내셔널 건축회사, 캐나다 디벨로퍼에서 일을 하며 경험과 경력을 쌓았습니다.

엘리는 2016년부터 공인중개사 (Realtor)로 RE/MAX City Realty에서 일을 하고 있습니다.

조심스럽고, 신중한 계획과 정확한 분석, 경험과 전문지식을 가진 BC 공인중개사 로서 여러분의 미래의 계획을 도와드립니다.

정직함을 바탕으로, 성실하고 장기적인 관계를 원합니다. 주택매매를 생각하신다면, 저한테 연락해 주십시오.

-엘리와 함께하는 더 좋은 부동산 드림.

참고로, 이 웹페이지에서 집,건물, 땅을 찾으실수 있습니다.
Canadian - Korean Realtor 한인 부동산

놀쓰밴쿠버, 웨스트밴쿠버, 벤쿠버, 버나비, 뉴웨스트민스터, 코퀴틀람, 써리등 광역벤쿠버에 있는 부동산일을 도와드립니다.

10년 넘은 건축 ,건설 ,개발 & 부동산 경험과 커넥션으로, 연락주시면 더 많은 정보와 도움을 드리겠습니다. 지금 연락주세요.